Norman Rockwell, Freedom of Speech (1943) (detail)

Welcome to Amherst, MA, where only the “h” is silent!

People say that only the “h” in our town’s name is silent because locals pronounce it “Ammerst” while arguing passionately about everything else. I’m William Kaizen, and I’m a noob to both Ammerst and its political scene. My family and I moved here last year from the Boston area, and in Spring 2017 I was elected to serve as a Town Meeting Representative for Precinct 3. As a fledgling politician transplanted from the big city, I wanted to consider how small town government works and cover the local politics of our new home.

There’s a reason why I chose Norman Rockwell’s painting Freedom of Speech (1943) as an introductory image. To find out more, see my post about it.

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