My Voting Record, Spring 2017

Article 1. Reports of Boards and Committees—yes
Article 2. Transfer of Funds – Unpaid Bills—yes
Article 3. Acceptance of Optional Tax Exemptions—yes
Article 4. FY 2017 Budget Amendments—yes
Article 5. Retirement Assessment—yes
Article 6. Regional Lockup Assessment—yes
Article 7. Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Trust Fund—yes
Article 8. Amherst-Pelham Regional School District Assessment Method—yes
Article 9. FY 2018 Operating Budget—yes
Article 10. Reserve Fund—yes
Article 11. Revolving Fund Reauthorization—yes
Article 12. Community Preservation Act—yes
Article 13. Capital Program – Equipment—yes
Article 14. Capital Program – Buildings and Facilities—yes
Article 15. Capital Program – Bond Authorization—yes
Article 16. Capital Program – Bond Authorization Water Fund—yes
Article 17. Personal Property Maximum Tax Exemption—yes
Article 18. Establish a Special Education Reserve Fund for the Amherst Public Schools—yes
Article 19. Establish a Special Education Reserve Fund for the Amherst-Pelham Regional—yes
School District—yes
Article 20. Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) Cable Access Contract Term—n/a
Article. 21. Free Cash—yes
Article 22. Stabilization Fund—yes
Article 23. Jones Library: Preliminary Design and Authorization for Grant—yes
Article 24. Amherst Affordable Housing Trust Bylaw Amendment—yes
Article 25. Local Historic District Bylaw Amendment—yes
Article 26. Public Works Committee Bylaw Amendment—yes
Article 27. Dissolution of Public Transportation Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee—yes
Article 28. Percent for Art Bylaw—yes
Article 29. Petition – Town of Amherst Sanctuary Community Bylaw—yes
Article 30. Special Act – Local Voting Rights for Legal-permanent Resident Non-citizens—yes
Article 31. Limited Release of Restriction—yes
Article 32. Zoning – Table 3 Footnotes – Setbacks—yes
Article 33. Zoning – Table 3 Footnotes – Miscellaneous—yes
Article 34. Zoning – Non-substantive Corrections—yes
Article 35. Zoning – Apartment Bedroom Mix—yes
Article 36. Zoning Petition – Amend Official Zoning Map—no
Article 37. Petition – Special Act to Establish Low-Income Property Tax Credit—no
Article 38. Petition – Fire/EMS Staffing and Capital Expenditures—no
Article 39. Petition – Resolution to Implement a Carbon Fee and Dividend Program—abstain
Article 40. Petition–Legislation for Universal Background Checks and Assault Weapon Ban—n/a
Article 41. Petition –Resolution to Provide Greater Transparency in Political Donations—abstain
Article 42. Petition –Resolution to Investigate Grounds for Impeachment of Donald J. Trump—abstain